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17 Dec

My Son Teaches Me the Ukelele

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Our fingers pluck strings, making sounds
like laughing babies, or daisies if they could talk.
We think we smell hibiscus in the air of a disappearing rainbow
when the curvy rosewood sings through the O
of its hollowed body.
But we say nothing of this. My beach blonde boy
and I strum together until I fumble, and he stops to show me
with his new man hands, GM chord again. We pick up playing
and suddenly, I recall the way his newborn hair already feathered,
a yellow-white cockatiel wing nestled into me,
and I try to hold on while we sing
I saw above me an endless skyway…



Author of, Searched the World Over For Elie: An International Adoption Story, Sherilyn Olsen presents workshops for state government and is working towards her MA in English at Weber State University. Her essays and poetry have been featured in various publications including Mothers Always Write, Segullah, Dialogue, and more. Sherilyn lives in mountainous South Ogden, Utah with her children.

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