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18 Apr

My Child’s Child

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The pressure
of her grip—
five tiny fingers wrapped around my one,
Hers so delicate
Like ripened florets fixed to a dandelion head with a pappus of wispy white hair,
the flower and the fist round and lovely
and vulnerable
like the bond tugged by zephyrs connecting me to her mother;
Mine rough-skinned,
resilient, like taproot, thrusting relentlessly
through hardened soil and ploughed decades
of motherhood—
The potency
of her grip,
beckoning me,
compelling me,
to till my heart again.


Heather Gemmen Wilson is an award-winning author. She has enjoyed a 20-year career in publishing as a book editor before teaching writing courses to undergrads. She earned her MA in Creative Writing and her MFA in Creative Nonfiction.

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