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18 Sep

My Baby starts Kindergarten on Total Solar Eclipse

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Five years, I tried to catch a star with a butterfly net
At seven fifty a.m., she waves goodbye
I take the air she has moved in the room
raise my hand
unlearn cradle-hold
When I leave, her half smile shows four missing teeth
I breathe in
the hallway, glass door, parking lot

In my backyard, shadows of a half-eaten sun are many moons
They have warned me not to stare directly at the burning sky
I’d forgotten my eyes
on a mermaid water bottle, heart-shaped lunchbox, a flower-laced backpack
and each pothole on the highway



Anuja Ghimire is a native of Kathmandu, Nepal. A Best of the Net and Pushcart-nominee, she is a repeat contributor to MAW. Most recently, her work appeared in Rise Up Review, Silver Birch Press, Dovetales: An International Anthology of World Peace, and The Good Men Project. She can be found on the Internet @NepaliPoet.

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