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21 Sep

Mountain Lullaby

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I am your mother
yanking you from pain

pushing your world into safe shapes
keeping Truth buried in a pine chest

letting you dream of frontiers beyond this house
of trails that are safe

unlike the stuffed toy in your keeping
ripped every day from your loving.

You do not catch it as it falls.
You are the one who drops it.


Clara B. Jones is a retired scientist and mother of three grown children, currently practicing poetry in Asheville, NC. As a woman of color, she writes about social relations and the moral dimensions of power. Erbacce, CHEST, Ofi Literary Magazine, Transnational, and 34th Parallel are among the venues her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in, and she is the author of the weblog, Ferguson and Other Poems About Race: A Chapbook (2015). In the 1970s, Clara studied with Adrienne Rich and now studies with the poets Meghan Sterling and Eric Steineger.

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