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14 May

Mother, You are the Bread

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You are the flour
and the salt.
Your fingers in the dough,
the rosemary on the windowsill,
you just cut
with scissors that are you.

You are the water
and the rising sun.
You’re the faucet dripping
like the rain falling while
your family still sleeps
and you knead the dough that is you.

You are your children
and the sounds they make sleeping,
your face reflected in theirs
as they dream
your dreams
under blankets made of you.

You are the air
and the yeast rising in the pan.
You’re the heat in the oven
that burns your fingers.
You are the taste of bread
on your tongue that is you.


Kelly Moore is a writer in upstate New York. You can find her on Twitter @writesmoore

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