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18 Feb

L’Oreal #754 Sugar Plum

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Sugar Plum flutters like the tipsy dowager
with cellophane skin and a faux fox stole
gathering feathered lines around her mouth
as she puckers, recalling her beau’s kisses
under the vestibule stairs, the vision
of that long ago Ash Wednesday fading.
But here, at my counter, in the tilt of my mirror,
she sees wool plaid skirts rolled up at the waist,
knees gangly and pointed, black and white
saddle oxfords already coming unlaced.




Anne Yale is the author of Liturgy of Small Feathers. Her poetry has appeared in Chaparral, Blue Print Review, Zócalo Public Square, and California Quarterly. She is founder and editor-in-chief of Yak Press, and originator of the Native Blossoms Chapbook Series. Although she’s been a resident of the Mojave Desert for over twenty-five years, she still claims she’s “just passing through.”

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