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17 Aug


General/Column One Response

Far out on the sea of dreams
I am tossed about until I can cast my rope
towards the shore of morning, float back to you,
secure the boat of our bed to the dock of home

Our young colt of a son
knobby-kneed and long-limbed, downy and spiky
cannot tie his tie yet

Teach him please, you with your big gentle hands,
you, our anchor

Every day I go about gathering memories in a basket
like delicate flowers that once plucked will wilt

Even as they fade, they are beautiful,
even if only a mild fragrance lingers

the scent of youth, fleeting – mine, yours, his

Yesterday, I took a turn too quickly on a snow covered road
and I sailed in my little red car

I didn’t know in those moments where I would land
but I saw that I could take nothing with me

and then, I was given everything back

Teach him please, you with your big gentle heart
Teach him to tie his tie

and then, too, to untie it


Christine Kouwenhoven is a writer/artist residing in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the mother of three with her husband, Nick. Christine has a B.A. in English/Writing from Connecticut College and an M.A. from The Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University. She works at Baltimore School for the Arts, a public arts high school, where she is Director of Communications & Grants and helps to raise money for aspiring young artists: dancers, musicians, visual artists, actors, and perhaps some future writers too.

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