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19 Aug


General/Column One Response

The ends don’t meet in the middle
with the tax man tugging on one side
and the kids jumping rope with the other.
Heck, Baby gnaws the low hanging fray.

Honey, I want to stay. In this house
of first steps and my Mama’s last
Christmas. I’d miss the ghosts of
arguments and making grace.

I’d miss wall cracks we painted gold
together while we talked of strength
in broken places, the music of our foundation
sinking into clay on rainy days.

I want to watch my perennials bloom
until the lilac blocks our neighbor’s view
and we can only scandalize the stars.
But the rows we’ve raised and planted

year after year will grow wherever we are
and my home is the steady drum
beneath the rise and fall of my dreams
on your chest. That’s enough for me.

Cambra Koczkur is a visual artist, teacher, and mother of two young children. She writes most often about her family and issues of social and societal justice. Her work has most recently been seen in Rattle’s Poets Respond.

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  1. Julie

    August 20, 2019 at 3:21 am

    Snap snap snap snap

    All the feels!


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