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18 Mar

It’s Never Enough

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I am reminded by brilliance
and curious chaos
of my smallness and
weak, tarried, flesh-self.

They, tiny forceful talons
in my cowered shoulders
are mirrors into times
of horrors past.

Outside my body, I see my
mother’s crimes slipping out
of my crumbling resolve, like
cards to an over-eager shuffler.

This hand is broken
and trembles with shame.
A voice never soft enough,
and hands too sharp.

Their beauty, clearly seen,
yet hidden until I leave
the room, guts me to
an echo of what I think I am.

One day in my loneliness
I will distract myself
from the memory
of moments wasted.


Hilary Ellis-Manogue is a mother, writer, and full time student living in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia. Her poetry has been published by Rat’s Ass Review and she is the owner of Venus in Retrograde vintage clothing.

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