Welcome to our spring issue! It’s a great collection of poems and essays in which our contributors write about sharing their motherhood. Our poems this month are clean and uncomplicated, reaching directly from our poets’ hearts to yours. Sara Smith Andress reminds us that March has just passed and spring is on the horizon. Lisa Hase-Jackson’s poem “Blue Willow” will leave you feeling open, your heart exposed. Poets Shanon Curtin, Christina Yovovich, and Kara Thor celebrate time with their young sons doing simple things that speak loudly to the precious moments of motherhood. Read two poems by Julia Rose about childbirth and the fascinating science of microchimerism. Finally, Caroline Simpson takes us to the edge of an abyss in her poem “Cornice” where she reflects on the worries of motherhood.

You’ll undoubtedly relate to Bonner Odell’s essay about her daughter’s second day of kindergarten. Stand next to her at the school gate, watching, hoping her daughter’s day is gentle, knowing she can no longer be there to protect her child at every turn. Ruth Dawkins takes us a little bit further on the journey as she and her son linger in the playground, relishing their last days at his second grade school. Laura Willis spends lazy summer days with her young boys on an island they call Paradise where summer is full of simple and wholesome time outdoors together. Alice Batt tells us about a time when she allowed her son to stay alone with a friend on an island in the Gulf after remembering a train trip she was permitted to take by herself as a young girl. Our mother writers show us that sometimes as mothers we are asked to hold our breaths and leap forward over the crevasse, knowing that raising a child requires both holding tight and letting go.

Thanks for reading.