Hello Friends-

It’s finally spring here in New England, and we are so pleased to bring you the spring issue of MAW. Our theme for this issue is “In the Moment,” and never has this idea been so real to me as it was this past weekend. We took a family trip to the Florida Keys, and I was so thrilled that all of my children were able to come with us. One married, one going off to medical school, and the third in college, each was able to clear a week to spend together with my husband and I, my sister, my parents, some of my husband’s family, and our foster son.

At the end of a lovely week of treasured family time, we arrived at the airport to fly home, only to find that our flights had been cancelled due to a storm the night before. There were eight of us scheduled to fly together, and we knew when we saw the chaotic airport, that the chances of finding a flight for all of us were slim.  As we stood with our bags in the long line that snaked around the ticket counter, my husband and I assigned each in our party tasks to figure out how to get us all home as quickly as possible. Should we wait? Rent cars and drive to another airport? Return to the hotel and stay longer (my preference but not practicable)? Or drive the 1,400 miles home to RI? Ten minutes later, we were pulling out of the airport in two cars headed north. Talk about living in the moment! We divided ourselves into the twenty something crowd and the over 50 crowd (to the dismay of our 15-year-old foster son who had to join the latter), and began the 22-hour ride home. And, to our surprise, what started as a major inconvenience turned into a joy-filled, laughter-filled journey up the east coast.

A day later we made it home to find our Japanese Kwanzan cherry trees in full bloom over our driveway.

We hope you find the same inspiration in the poetry and essays we offer this month as an encouraging reminder of the gift of living in the moment.

All my best,