The artist, Giana Cusanelli, graduated from Boston College with a BA in studio art and studied at Rhode Island School of Design. Her murals and hand painted home décor pieces are in many New England homes. Giana designs websites and newsletters and has curated a line of Domino bracelets featuring her original drawings.

Her work is comprised of acrylic landscapes (many of Guilford, CT),  floral paintings, and pen and ink drawings. She is also available to do commissioned work. You can find more of her work for purchase here: https://gianacusanelli.com





It is so curious to me as an editor how a suggested theme can turn into something quite different. Each month our editorial staff selects pieces for publication based upon the strength of the writing and of the story and whether the piece fits in with MAW’s mission of celebrating motherhood just as it is. When the writing also addresses our stated theme, it’s a plus.

Often, after we’ve selected the pieces we’re going to publish for an issue, we find that a particular interpretation of our suggested theme shines through a bunch of them. It’s always fun to see how the theme can be perceived in different ways by different writers but sometimes also in the same, unusual way. This month was no exception.

Our theme of “Falling” brought to us a handful of moving essays about raising (or in some cases, simply reaching out to) the children of others. As you read through, you will find that three of our pieces are about adoption. A fourth is about helping children who seem at risk. The idea of mothering the world’s children is one that inspires us and one we love to read about.

In our poetry department, too, we have an abundant offering for you. The themes of these poems are all over the board, but each is unusual, thought provoking, and full of poetic craft. We even included a few about the ethereal to celebrate October.

Read, enjoy, and please comment on our pieces. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Wishing you a peaceful fall,