Dear Friends-

It’s hard to believe how quickly time’s going by as we bring you our late summer issue of MAW. This month’s theme is “talking to strangers,” but as we gathered and sorted the pieces we would publish in this issue, we noticed a trend as we typically do. Each of this month’s contributors is trying to sort something out—some question of motherhood and how it can best be lived.

Most on theme is Carolyn Lochhead’s essay “The Whiteboard” in which she struggles with the things we tell our school-age children about strangers. Lochhead wants to protect her daughter, but also hopes not to make her fear interactions with strangers in a way that will cause her to keep herself from human interaction from which there is so much to be gained. In “Water Witching” Mallory Bower describes being new to parenting and wondering how she can maintain her identity while still growing into her new role. Laura Leffler’s “What Luck” will leave you riveted as she takes us through her young child’s life-threatening illness and shows us it has changed her perspective. Travel “To Tuscany” with Ellen Holtzman, her husband and grown son where she relishes moments she didn’t expect to have. You will love the strength of women that flows from “Three Generations All Mother” by Katherine Valentino. And finally, ramble down the footpaths of the pine forest with Melissa Barker and her son in  “Wildflower Season.” There she will remind you that while our children keep returning to summer, we find them somehow different each year.

Our issue is full of poetry this month with ten new poems. Treat yourself to Melissa Weaver’s “I Cannot Hear of Bees,” Zoe Brigley’s “Star Sun Snow,” and so many more.

As you enjoy this late summer read, please remember that our contributors love to read your comments on their pieces. We’d love to hear from you.