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19 Sep


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for Robert

Your son is studying Haley’s Comet. You tell him you were 19 years old last time it came. He wants to know when it will come again and you say in 2061. He does the math and marvels that he’ll be 53 years old. You watch him try to take that in; it’s too big for him. He wants to know how old you’ll be. You answer, 94, but you don’t tell him that chances are you’ll be long gone. It’s much too big for him. You’re sad for a moment, thinking of a world where your son exists, but you don’t. As if he’s read your mind, his next question comes: Do comets live forever?


R.L. Black lives in Tennessee with her husband and son. She is EIC of two online journals and her own writing has been published across the web and in print. Find her @rlblackauthor.

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