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10 Nov

How Do You Remember?

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I wonder.
Like the sun which never fails to shine,
Or a rooster never forgets to crow,
You always remember the things to be done
Without raising your brow
That your son has an after school match today,
Your daughter is turning fifteen on
Such and such day,
A dress for a concert to be stitched,
The youngest one from his friend
Needs to be picked,
A gift to be bought, a note to be signed
Or a permission slip.
How do you remember?
I wonder.
That your child had requested his favorite dish,
A school excursion is coming up,
Doctor’s appointment is next week,
The library book has to be returned,
In carrying out her duties, no help does she seek
But does it all with love and aplomb
For you are a mindful mom.


Our columnist Nausheen Mujeeb is a poet, early years teacher and a reiki healer. Her work has appeared in Boston Literary Magazine.

Check out Naushena’s column “How I Write Poetry” also released today.

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  1. Ramesha

    November 13, 2016 at 12:10 pm



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