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19 Dec

Holding Perfection

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Creasing stardust into an origami soul
blinding, she burns my heart
branding it with the sign of burns to come
laying ownership to the impossibility
of her existence.

I clutch at her, grasping
the tentacles of eons, pulling
them like mooring ropes
until I am soberly giddy, spent,
blessed in the incandescence
of blessings
that evaporate into memory the instant
our skin touches,
sea foam raining on
starlight kissing
black sea memories
to sleep.

Still, she smiles at me.
And the knowing it cannot last.



Sabrina Fedel’s debut YA book, Leaving Kent State, from Harvard Square Editions will release in November, and my YA short story, Honor’s Justice has been nominated by Lunch Ticket this year for a Pushcart Prize, a storySouth Million Writers Award, and a Sundress Publications Best of the Net ’16 award.

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