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09 Apr

His Birth

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Why was it hard being pushed out from between your legs?
My kindergarten son has been reflecting on his birth.

He asks these questions when I least expect them;
now, as I lean down into the fridge to get out the eggs.

I pause. Well, it was a pretty tight squeeze.
He thinks. I guess it might have hurt a little bit.

Yes, I tell him. Yes. It hurt a little bit.
I do not yet realize he means it must have hurt him.

A dark red light. The walls of Home contracting
around his head, his shoulders. The long slow

journey out to bright white light and cold air.
The shock of first breath, his heart pumping

panic as he cries out into the void.
Yes, yes. It hurts a little bit.





Christina Socorro Yovovich lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her son and husband. She has a MFA in poetry and nonfiction and her poetry has appeared in journals such as the Blue Mesa Review and River Styx. She is working on a memoir of her mental illness and parenting.

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