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24 Feb

He Had a Few Words

Taking Flight No Response

you wake up and are no longer autistic

you stand in front of the mirror
and find a grown man
almost 30

some things change right away
              the temper tantrums go
              you start using a cell phone
you text       you find tinder     

you take the subway            you no longer ask
                        what coat to put on
you decide you’ve nothing against drinking
               water          you stop yelling

                          at pregnant woman
crossing guards          cops               people who smile
                you start drinking coffee

other things take longer
you take remedial classes      at six                 you told me

                     your father knew all the words

now its your turn to learn  the words
most people know          in time

find a job  
                               live on your own
you don’t learn

                       to read for pleasure  
                       you don’t read  my poems

you never go to college        but you find a woman
                       and make the family you’ve wanted
                                                since you were little

                     I stop worrying about you

I drink rosé                                                                               

                  I leave you the parrot in my will

Bonnie Billet wrote until she was in her late thirties She was published in several journals including POETRY. She started writing again after retirement and has been published in several journals including accepted for publication in RHINO. 

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