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18 Dec

For Winter, For Spring

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Of Karomia gigas,
there are only six trees
Tanzanians keep a watch on their seeds
and guard the breeze


My backyard has two peach and plum plants
Trunks thinner than my wrists
Only last spring, they began to bloom
with my daughters’ watercolor brush strokes
but my body is here on a lease


The man who hummed held his baby
like an apple tree carries hearts on its branch tips
Past the engines that paused fire in the school parking lot
He moved with an afternoon lullaby on his lips


On the radio, a man says thirty words
about a three-year-old
girl who never stood by that tree
a hundred feet behind the house that dawn
—of that man who lugged her across the ocean
and filled her lungs with milk


I don’t know the names of 60,000 trees
Sidhhartha shed suffering under Bodhi’s shadow
I am seven seas away from Peepal’s leaves
Where should I close my eyes and rest my knees?


The man returns with another child in his shade
But the same song for the sleeping blossom
They leave winter’s parade


My hand out the waiting window
reaches for my daughters’ faces
brings back spring and silk


Anuja Ghimire is a native of Kathmandu, Nepal. A Best of the Net and Pushcart-nominee, she is a repeat contributor to MAW. Most recently, her work appeared in Rise Up Review, Silver Birch Press, Dovetales: An International Anthology of World Peace, and The Good Men Project. She can be found on the Internet @NepaliPoet.

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