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17 Aug

For Sarah, Driving to the PSAT

General/Column One Response

Sometimes this love is a fist
squeezing my heart

catching me in an ordinary moment
as you turn your shoulders to reach for a pen
or bow your head over books as in prayer

and now as—hands at 10 and 2—you
steer cautiously into your future.
How could you be so wholly beautiful
sweet child of mine?

Tell me how it is possible
I can’t remember entire years of my sinuous life
names of my students
where I put my keys just moments ago

and yet your voice at age three
rings clear as a bell
through the cavern of my skull.

How love has wrought an indelible record
of every childhood giggle
every puffed out cheek that ever hovered over birthday candles.

How it keeps making each sunrise
marbled and beautiful and vibrant
as the wonder I felt
the first time I saw your face.


Sandra S. McRae teaches writing at Red Rocks Community College near Denver, Colorado. She is the co-author of the bestselling cookbook Weber’s Big Book of Grilling (Chronicle), earned her Master’s degree at University of Colorado-Boulder, and studied overseas on a Fulbright Grant. Her work has appeared in Poets Against War, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Word Soup, Steam Ticket, Pure Francis, and elsewhere. She lives in the Colorado Rockies with her family, two dogs, and the occasional bear. She is never bored. Visit Sandra at www.WordsRunTogether.com.


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  1. Amy

    August 18, 2015 at 2:58 am

    Love, love, love this!


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