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20 Apr

For Ellie

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My heart is fully amplified
My body is slowly expanding-
Evolving with a certainty that lies beyond my command
A small and dwindling part of me sways of my own volition
A smaller, but larger, part of me bends pliably to the will of the Little Leo that is blossoming inside of me. 
I can already tell she will be more him than me-
She creates space where space does not exist, 
Fashioning a bed, a playroom, a seat at the table
Within my once solitary uterus.
She makes her own resources- 
My once barren breasts promptly succumb to her demands.
She’s stolen both my hearts already-
My heart, I think she owned before I knew I’d know her
His heart, that was once mine and mine alone, splits itself in two-
One half kisses my lips, one half rubs my stomach reassuringly
My heart surrenders and would give her my half of his heart too.
I dream up curly-haired, big eyed girls
Mama’s empathy leaving a trail of ‘would if I were sorry’
Daddy’s strength creating a world within our world.
My sweet girl, 
May you continue to create-

Tiffany Rochelle Israel is a doctoral candidate at Murray State University and teaches Language Arts and Creative Writing at New Renaissance Middle School. Tiffany also hosts poetry club for the students at New Renaissance Middle to encourage them to speak their own truths through spoken word poetry. She and her husband are expecting their first child, Eliza Rochelle Israel, this summer.

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