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01 Jan


Toddlers to Teens No Response

as my children returned,
carrying mason jars of fireflies
that glowed through the dark lane
then upward the wraparound porch,
I pondered to the silt-caked oak flooring
that only hard scrubbing could make clean:
from their endless romping in the downpour-
trodden garden, to the long-standing oxidation
stirred into rust by virulent assaults of winter
snowstorms then blistered heat of summers,
but, I laughed and swept it off knowing that
I still have time, more time to summon
back the red flints of the fireflies, with
clots of muck reefing my feet, I sailed
down the stairs and held fast to the
wings of my children’s giggles–


A Pushcart nominee, Lana Bella has work of poetry and fiction published and forthcoming with over 130 journals, including a chapbook with Crisis Chronicles Press (Spring 2016), Ann Arbor Review, Chiron Review, Coe Review, Literary Orphans, Pankhearst, Poetry Salzburg Review, Poetry Quarterly, QLRS (Singapore), Sein Und Werden (UK), White Rabbit (Chile) and elsewhere, among others. She divides her time between the US and the coastal town of Nha Trang, Vietnam, where she is a wife of a talking-wonder novelist, and a mom of two far-too-clever-frolicsome imps. You can find her at https://www.facebook.com/niaallanpoe.

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