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24 Aug


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I have been learning the difference
between sorrow and despair,
discussing subtleties with my dog.
She’ll be beside me today,
Mother’s Day, 
for a fourth annual salt chafe
as my armor’s exfoliated.
If only I had a method 
to scrape from inside out.
A neighbor’s bouquet of blooms
wilts as I watch, dinner
invitations are declined.
Each well-meant acknowledgment, 
not from my son, sizzles like
salty tears rubbed into raw skin.
If only they could evaporate,
condense in a cloud and rain
my love on him.

Joan Gerstein, originally from NY, has lived in CA since 1969. A retired educator and psychotherapist, she has been penning poetry since elementary school. For the past 5 years, until the corona virus, Joan taught creative writing to incarcerated veterans.

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