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24 Feb

Dreams for Children

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What happens to a mother’s dreams for her children?

Are they chipped by playful challenges
Or cracked by impetuous choices?
Pitted by flying stones of disagreement
Or shattered by the slammed door of limit testing?

No, her dreams are streaked like the newly washed window
Unnoticed transformations until the sun
Of her children’s own dreams
Shines through hers.

A mother of three, a grandmother at 42, a teacher, and now a great-grandmother of two, Ann Mack has filled her life with children and the written word. Her adult children show her that the challenges of motherhood, love and acceptance, can bring joy and unforeseen adventures and rewards. “Dreams For Children” began in my classsroom when a visiting poet prompted us to write. I, too, was a student writing in the back of the room.

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