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19 Jun


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I can’t resist the night
tiptoeing into your room
Even though I know I’ll
touch you and count your freckles
again and I’ll tease you
that I’ve found yet another

I can’t resist putting my hands
to your face, my fingers
trace your nose and
caress your cheek in fear
that it may never feel
that smooth skin again

I can’t resist pressing my
lips to yours and brushing
them across your forehead
Even though I know you might
awake, then I feel your abrupt intake
of breath and your long exhale
Your eyes open and flutter closed and
I wonder-
does she know I’m here
for her, forever



Noreen Lace lives in Southern California; she has published both poetry and fiction in The Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row Journal, The Oleander Review, and Pilcrow and Dagger, among others. Her novella, West End, was released in January 2016. More information is available at www.NoreenLace.com

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