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18 Nov

CVS Pharmacy, Thursday Around Dusk

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Go to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test. Head to the feminine care aisle. Scan the labels slowly. Look for the most effective box. Then look for the cheapest most effective box. Hold the box close at your side while walking to the checkout. Slide the box across the counter without making eye contact. Answer, “Yes, I found everything OK” when asked. Spend $8 of the last $10 out of your checking account. Answer, “Yes, I would like a bag” when asked. Walk out of the pharmacy. Set off the security alarm while walking out. Keep walking when waved on. Get into the driver’s seat. Toss the bag onto the passenger seat. Take the unpaid for sucker from your pocket and set it aside the bag. Save it for your son. Drive on.


Makaila Daniels is a freelance writer and has been writing since 2013. She has a BA in Women’s Studies and a BFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. She is still at Hamline, where she is working to complete her MFA in Creative Writing. Upon her acceptance into the MFA program, she received the Shirley Pearl Scholarship for her exceptional writing sample. She is dedicated to her work in the mental health field and volunteers as a Sexual Assault Advocate and Crisis Counselor. Mercedies currently resides in Chisago City, MN with her boyfriend and their two children, Logan and Harmony.

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