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19 Jun


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¿Que te cuento? I ask you.
What should I say?
I can tell you much, but not everything.

Cuento, ¿que te cuento? It means several things.

Cuento means to tell,
gossip, good news, travails.

Cuento means short story,
flash, vignette, scenes.

Cuento means to rely on
something, someone, truth.

Cuento means to excuse,
luego me sales con el cuento que

But for now, cuento means to count
items, lists, and artifacts.

Counting the many occasions
I’ve been wrong.


Eréndira Ramirez-Ortega’s  fiction appears in Day One, The Cossack Review, The Black Warrior Review, Fourteen Hills, Other Voices, Santa Clara Review, and La Calaca Review. Her essays are featured in The Washington Post, Brain, Child Magazine, The Tishman Review, Cordella Magazine, Front Porch Commons: A Project of the [CLMP], and many others. She has work forthcoming in The Sunlight Press and West Branch. She is writing a novel.

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