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09 Apr


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Together we mixed the mud of creativity. We gave of our cells some from you and some from me – though in the beginning, you weren’t complete, just these small compartments,
huddled together, forming part of the whole that was to be multitudes of possibility.

But first:
Our cells made an organ, entirely new, and I grew it for you.
Cells swam in and cells swam out; to every room they
flew about! To lungs, liver, kidneys! Blood, skin, and heart!
Indeed my love, you left an imprint on all my parts.
If I could unfold the tissues, delicate and soft pink inside,
I would find you, little chameleon, under each layer trying to hide. And now we know from autopsies, that your cells could be embedded in me. Your little chimera cells could change,
become nerve cells in my brain that fully integrate.
Are you helping me now, to think this all through?
And if all this is true, the Me that I know is also You.
And parts of Me are swimming in You,
along with probably your grandmother too!
So what is this notion of autonomy?
When I can’t escape You and You can’t escape Me?




Julia Rose is the mother to two children, a parent coach and educator, and a writer. My background is in education, specifically working with girls impacted by trauma. I have always been fascinated by the ways lives intersect and influence one another. Becoming a mother deepened my belief that we are all connected; I am fascinated by the science of fetomaternal microchimerism and often write about the ways mothers and children inhabit one another.

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