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Before and After

Toddlers to Teens February 18, 2019

1. Before I had children, I assumed in a vague way that being a parent was like being yourself—exactly who…

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Stop Telling Me To Cut My Toddler’s Hair

Toddlers to Teens February 15, 2019

Some babies are born with full heads of hair, but not mine. My daughter entered the world with whispers of…

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Nesting Dolls

Toddlers to Teens February 26, 2016

my children once fit inside me like Russian nesting dolls their dreams curled up within their skulls encased in my…

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Before Great Pain, a Formal Feeling Comes

Toddlers to Teens January 18, 2016

We decorate the living room, twinkle-lights strung across the ceiling from one corner to the other. Mechanically, we lift the…

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