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Flying Free in the 25th Hour

The 25th Hour June 16, 2016

We watched as the butterflies ascended into the sunlit sky above the playground at the elementary school. My two-year-old daughter…

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On Navigating the Divide Between the 24/7 Mother and the 25th Hour Writer

The 25th Hour June 9, 2016

Eighteen years ago, when I had six children ages 12 and under, I often longed for the 25th hour, that…

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On the Difference Between Remembering and Creating

The 25th Hour June 2, 2016

It may be stating the obvious, but when you write memoir, you become a slave to your recollections. The story…

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On The Difference Between Writing and Publishing

The 25th Hour May 26, 2016

I never intended to write a memoir. In my late middle age, I think I have lived deeply and I…

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