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Letting in the Light

In Mother Words Blog August 7, 2020

A Reflection on New Motherhood It’s two minutes to four in the morning, and I’m sitting up in bed listening…

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Love in the Time of Coronavirus

In Mother Words Blog July 31, 2020

Things change daily in this space. You acclimate to limbo. The constant state of not knowing. The latest proposal, they’re…

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Am I Still a Mother If?

In Mother Words Blog July 24, 2020

Am I still a mother if my children are dead? Merriam-Webster thinks not. They define a mother as a female…

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A Long December, the Cheshire Cat, and Reflections on the Aftermath

In Mother Words Blog July 17, 2020

Every morning at 5:30, Alice fell down the hole. She searched for ways to escape her convoluted situation, assisted only…

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