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An African Elephant, Two Nightingales and the Sea

General/Column December 4, 2015

An African elephant would have told a better story, but I, being an amateur story-teller, could only tell the parts…

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The Anxiety of Saying Yes

General/Column November 30, 2015

It begins, as it usually does, with a text from my daughter. “Mom, I would like to…” The request sounds…

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Women at Fifty

General/Column November 27, 2015

When women at fifty lay flat on their bellies some will remember the roundness that thrived in the womb of…

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Thanksgiving Poem

General/Column November 26, 2015

—with gratitude to Patricia Hubbell, “Prayer for Reptiles” God, keep all traveling children safe. Keep them as they wander, wonder,…

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