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30 Dec

Catching Time

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July is coming to an end.
I want to hold onto it like a hook

on a line, keep reeling it in
with no sense of time.

I give it slack–
let my son venture into deeper water

while the tide of puberty washes over him.
Curves of muscle peek through

his tan chest, a new swagger
as he shuffles by me in flip-flops.

My feet stand sturdy on shore.
Past years come to meet me here

like old friends of kindness.
We gaze at the long horizon,

count buoys in the sea, markers
of where we crossed those dangerous days.

This is the beginning of a different sadness.
I know the line is thin.

It breaks in front of me where years grow old
and the leaving begins.

Jennie Linthorst’s poetry has appeared in Bluestem, Edison Literary Review, Foliate Oak, Forge, Kaleidoscope, Literary Mama, Sanskrit Literary Arts Magazine, and Hopeful Parents. Jennie has published two books of poems, Silver Girl (2013) and Autism Disrupted: A Mother’s Journey of Hope (2011), with Cardinal House Publishing. Jennie is the founder of LifeSPEAKS Poetry where she works with individuals exploring their personal histories through reading and writing poetry. She is on the faculty of UCLA Arts & Healing and has presented workshops at the Los Angeles Expressive Arts Summit, The California Center for Creative Renewal, the Manhattan Beach Unified School District, UC Irvine Extension, the University of Santa Monica, and the National Association for Poetry Therapy. Jennie has a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, certification in poetry therapy from the National Federation of Biblio/Poetry Therapy, and a BA from Skidmore College. More information can be found on her website at www.lifespeakspoetrytherapy.com.

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