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21 Dec

Birth Spell

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Little goober love-well, come
web-toed, blood-plumped, song-called,
come spiraling from space sailed through
with blood cells, little pink pig
ricocheted from milky stars, cloudy-gazed,
God-dazed, honeycomb haired,
brook-beckoned and hill-hollered,
come softly, fall freely, swim wildly,
sea-soaked and stun-bellied, silk-soled,
come wise and word-dumb, upside-
down weasel-limbed salt-filmed dew-crowned
little prophet-before-forgetting, come
leaf-wet, snow-tossed toboggan racer
skidding and laughing, ride-raddled,
gasping, come new-eyed, red-raged and unphased
by big names and campaigns, come
rent-less little devil, open-beaked and
need-brazen, shrivel-raisined, sugar-seasoned
honey-glazed ham, come care-be-damned,
dawn-coated, night-bug-dusted and dream-dense
down the dark,
to deliver me.


Bonner Odell is an arts and culture writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes primarily about dance (for the SF Weekly, East Bay Express, Dance Studio Live Magazine and others), but when she became a mother in 2012, she started writing poetry and essays on the new experience of parenthood. 

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