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20 Apr

Baby Hairs

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After shedding the work of months-
the strands dropped like
autumn leaves in the shower, 
the testament of the reckoning
of my body before her
and my own rebirth-

on both temples
graying strands of new growth
refuse to stay slicked back
no matter my fruitless frustration.

Her dozing fingers pat my chest,
as her eyelids flutter to rest 
in my arms she shifts her weight
and my perspective.

I have earned wings.

Shannon J. Curtin is a mother, poet, and humor writer. Her writing has been featured by McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Points in Case, Scary Mommy, SlackJaw, Mothers Always Write, and other publications. She holds an MBA, competitive shooting records, and her liquor. She would probably like you. You can find her at www.ablogofherown.wordpress.com and @ShannonJCurtin on twitter.

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