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17 Dec

At Ten My Son Shows Me

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Bark he found under
the apple blossoms as we walked
down the hill to school
and when he crams it,
as big as his hand, in his pocket

I ask what else?
Finger knitting on thick
white yarn, a long swath,
the yarn ball, a broken
rubber band. He shows too a whole
rubber band as pale
pink as the blossoms
stuck to our shoe bottoms.

How will people read you I wonder?
I say to my son
hair too long, pants too short,
who closes his bedroom door.

An eraser, a rock, two coins
one with a rim newly printed
one with a woodchip on a string
superglued to the eagle
he doesn’t explain.
I want to know, he says,
ask them who I am,
who they think I am.



Deborah Bacharach is the author of After I Stop Lying. Her work has appeared in The Antigonish Review, Arts & Letters, Cimarron Review, and Literary Mama among many others. She is an editor, teacher and tutor in Seattle and teaches poetry workshops for children.

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