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02 Mar

Announcing our Spring Micro-essay Contest

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May is the month when new life grows, often from roots that survived the winter. Send us an essay of up to 500 words on the topic of roots/growth/blossom–your family’s history/culture, the roots/foundations a mother creates for her children, some way in which you’ve seen your children grow, something positive that has sprouted from something else, some way in which your motherhood has blossomed.

Deadline April 5th. Our winner will receive free tuition to a MAW Literary Writers’ Boot Camp ($100 value) and publication in our May issue. MAW will consider all submissions for publication. There is no fee for participation, but MAW would appreciate a FB “like” and Twitter follow if you haven’t already.

Send your essay through Submittable using the “Spring Micro-essay contest” category so we will know of your intention to participate.

MAW reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to not select any winner if manuscripts of publishable quality are not received.

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