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24 Aug

After a Week on Her Turf

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If you have to leave your daughter
in her adopted town
2000 miles or more from the city
where you live, and this means
a flight with a Denver stop-over

book it for early or mid-afternoon 
so that breakfast is at leisure
in a sun-striped dining room
where a sprig of cherry blossoms
frame a window that shows
a road stretching to the mountains.
In your bowls are strawberries

while her hoop earrings swing
with a shine that echoes 
the glint in her eyes.
She wears brand-new jeans,
hiking shoes for scuffy trails,
a sweater blue as sky,
and is planning a walk, upon 
your departure, down the hill
to get papayas for lunch.
And if you depart
while the day is still young

it will make it easier than leaving
cloaked by the night 
when you stare down from the plane
at the lights spreading glitter
and she but a single one
somewhere amongst them all

Author of five collections of poetry, Shoshauna Shy’s poems often deal with the exhilaration and challenges of parenting. They have been published in print and electronically; as videos, inside taxis, community cars, and on the hind quarters of Madison Metro buses. She usually gets ideas for new poems while stuck doing something else. 

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