Motherhood, all love begins and ends there.

“Motherhood, all love begins and ends there.”

Robert Browning

Welcome to Mothers Always Write, a bi-monthly, online literary magazine for mothers and mother writers who consider parenting to be their highest calling. We publish essays and poetry about the mothering experience.

We write for first-time mothers whose blessed time at home can also be isolating and confusing. We write for mothers of middle school and high school children. These mothers have hit their stride, but the parenting issues can be more troubling now. And, we write for mothers whose children have begun that journey away from them, who have loved with all their being, and who are learning that the toughest thing we will be asked to do is to let go. And, we write for those for whom the question hangs there, loud with accusation, demanding to be answered—now that we have raised our children and sent them off into the world, now what for us?

Mothering does not end at any age in particular. It simply evolves. Mothers write to understand the journey, to preserve its sunsets, and to endure its storms. We hope to help you do that too. Never forgetting…Mothers Always Write.

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