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24 Feb

A Working Mother’s Distress

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I bend down to kiss her rose petal cheeks
before I pick up my handbag and laptop on my way to work,
today her smiles
will sun someone else’s day.

Someone else will dry her tears
when she falls from her tricycle
and cheer her on
when she adds 5 and 4,
which she couldn’t do before.

At night
when I come in,
I will see her being read to
in someone else’s lap.
I will drift to the bathroom to shower,
and then to her bedroom
to give her a good night kiss
before I have my dinner and go to bed.

And I wonder
how is she mine or I hers?

Meenakshi Palaniappan is a quiet observer of her children’s lives and the lessons they teach her. A teacher by profession, she enjoys playing with words to paint pictures of life with kids. 

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