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23 Jan

A Thousand Births

General/Column One Response

Since the birth of my two children
I’ve softened
in body and mind,
and I find it rather pleasant.
Muscle has melded
into streams of fat,
my sons’ heads rest
into the billowing clouds
of my tummy.
But I like it that way.

Just today when walking
beneath pines
the rain soaked soil held me
with such tenderness.
I didn’t miss the ways
of summer dirt,
tough and unforgiving.
To think of how many
times this mountain
has birthed. The trembling
that carved inlets on her belly.
The seasons spent swelling
and shedding, then constantly,
constantly letting go.



Jessica Malone Latham, M.A., is the author of cricket song: Haiku and Short Poems from a Mother’s Heart (Red Moon Press) and of the poetry chapbook, clouds of light (wooden nickel press). Her Japanese poetry has appeared in dozens of journals and anthologies. In addition to writing poetry of all forms, her prose has been featured on NPR’s local station, Brain, Child, Literary Mama, Mamalode, Mothering, SpeakMom and Tiny Buddha. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two young sons. Find more of her work on her website: www.jessicalatham.com or visit her blog: www.rowdyprisoners.com.

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  1. Kerry

    January 23, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    So beautiful Jessica. Thank you.
    The softening of my own edges has birthed a sense of spaciousness and possibility; Qualities that serve my mothering and my community.


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