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18 Feb

A Portrait of Your Boy and Mine

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After a photo of two boys at a Dominican orphanage—

            one handicapped, the other on a mission trip.

my son was only told yours was orphaned
and surely you’re wondering wherever you are
you do wonder don’t you how he’s doing

of course and of course you are alive
dear mother and yes it must be far
it must be a long and languishing distance

I wanted to show you your angel so able
and my athlete a gentle and generous soul
at play and hoped somehow you could see

they connected today though mine was unsure
if yours could speak and certainly not English
but sunlight abetted through a golden window

and I know wherever you are dear mother
you are worrying so yes he smiles and see here
he has a bed and a blanket and a pillow all clean




Maria Sebastian is a mother of two, an American singer/songwriter, and a poet living in Clarence Center, NY. She also teaches public speaking and English in the SUNY system and plans to settle one day in Woodstock, NY. Visit www.mariasebastian.com or @paperspective

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