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15 Oct

A Little

General/Column One Response

He’s only little for a little
He needs me a little more than I can handle
I sleep a little less than‘s sustainable
I give a little less to the rest ‘cause it’s all I’ve got left

But she’s little too, the first one who
Needed me needed me needed me
She’s a little less little
And needs a little less
But she’s still needing me needing me needing me 

And he needs me just a little, but I’ve got so little to give
Our littles need a lot, as much I’ve got
And I’m so caught up in everything everything everything

I’m not I’m not I’m not
Doing enough
Sleeping enough
Loving enough
Cleaning enough
Listening enough
Speaking enough
Working enough
Playing enough
Saying enough
Enough is enough is enough

Isn’t it?
The widow’s mite was enough
This little light was enough
Two fish and some bread
See the common thread

It’s just my math that’s bad
missing part of the equation
Forgot that I’m not the only ingredient
I’m needing Him needing Him needing Him

I’m called to give what I’ve got
It doesn’t have to be a lot
I can do All. Of. This.
Through Him who gives me strength.



Laura Pruitt is a full-time marketer by day; wife and mom to two littles 24/7. Laura is passionate about women’s and children’s issues and lending a helping hand to those in need in the local community. She’s in a season of motherhood where it feels like there is never of her to go around, but chooses to believe that she still IS enough for her family.

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  1. Annie Hindman

    October 15, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    Thank you for this. Totally struck me right where I am in motherhood.


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