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17 Apr

A Letter to my Daughter

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To my daughter,

When I listened carefully,
I could hear
the songs of my reflection
dancing in your mind’s eye.
Making music from mistakes
I kept hidden,
like secret sentences–
subliminally unveiled
when a record plays in reverse.

I refused to let
past generations
of shame and sadness,
woven into the syntax of my story,
into the rhythm
of your song.

So day by day, I dabbled
in smoke and mirrors,
cluttered and complex mazes
carefully constructed in developmental phases,
purposeful and pragmatic
I meticulously manufactured a village
with only
the best of my hopes and dreams
lined in the seams of your experiences.

But through the haze and reflection,
I caught glimpses of you studying me instead. Honestly, innocently,
asking me for direction, and
depending upon
my compass
to show you the way.

But today,
I vow to take a break
from futilely fabricating the perfect world
for you to exist in.
Slowly crack the force fields,
I imagined would shield you from injustice,
and trust you.

You are resilience,
you are compassionate,
and you are courageous.
You will grow,
you will live,
and you will shine.
Not in spite of me,
not because of me,
Simply because
you are you.

And I will be
forever happy to be part of the process.


Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Jill Ajimine is a mother, a wife, and a teacher. In her spare time, she likes to write, read, and watch old tv shows seasons at a time.

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