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17 Apr

Vessel of Ache

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She carries herself well.

She is a vessel.

She is loneliness.

Neither can be picked up and carried away unless you hitch up your suspenders and lift a full grown woman in to your arms, in which case, you may find her loneliness erupting all over your bow tie and vest.

To abide the waves of emotion that ring through a woman who has let her children run out the front door and into their full blown lives, feels very much like Auntie Em, wearing out hankies wringing an ache that can only be more loneliness and heart break. Elizabeth Aquino calls it, “the break where we live,” that unbearable place. Tremors of care-bearing thoughts ripple to other places on the planet. She hopes to scatter love up in to the bare feet of her children living adult lives in other places.

Would you attempt to bear this today?

Would you in your grief offer comfort to another?

You lift heavy things why not lift this one?

For it seems this ache can be eased, balm can be applied, when attention is given to the achee, that person from whose red fingers you pry the hankie. You replace the soiled square of tears with a warm cup of tea and a pen. You say, write the letter, tell the story, don’t let the tentacles of grief wire your jaw shut, vine round your grip so you can never offer another one of your vintage hugs. Ease. Ease. Ease.

So, I told her, write your story.



Suzi Banks Baum is an artist, actress, writer, teacher, community organizer, and mom. She’s passionate about helping women find their creative voice and live focused, joy-filled lives. Freshly returned from Armenia where she led an art and writing workshop called New Illuminations, Suzi inspires hundreds of women every year to live their lives from the space of creative spirit and to value their contributions to the world and one another. You can find her work on TheMid, Literary Mama, MotherWriterMentor, Rebelle Society and her blog.
(link: Http://www.suzibanksbaum.com)

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  1. Elizabeth Aquino

    April 17, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    Thank you, Suzi. What an honor to be quoted on your beautiful website.


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