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17 Apr


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Still-cool air
of early spring
pinprick raindrops
turn to soft fingerprints
dip and dab
at long-lingering snow piles
magical revelation
reverse time travel
as left-behind souvenirs
begin to materialize.

The snowboard
dragged outside at first flakes
boys whooping and sliding
cheeks rosy
eyes bright
then leaned against
the backyard tree
smooth planes buried
under winter white.

Flimsy plastic pots
tipped on their sides
dried remains
of September mums
spilling out memories
burgundy, russet, gold
bought on a whim
the afternoon my middle son
made that impossible catch
and ran for a touchdown.

Blue Frisbee
almost one with the softening earth
after a winter of pressure
as the snow piled higher
soon to be pried free
to fly again
from the hand of one brother
to another and the other
under green canopy
sunlight filtering through.

In time, all joys
all sins
even mediocrity
the beautiful mediocrity
that makes up most our days
cups of hot coffee in the morning
small talk and bickering
to remind us we are alive
and not alone
will be revealed.


Jennifer Hernandez lives in Minnesota with her husband and three sons. She works with immigrant youth and writes for her sanity. Recent work has appeared in Anti-Heroin Chic, Dying Dahlia, Mothers Always Write and Yellow Chair Review, as well as Write for Your Life (Zoetic Press).

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