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17 Oct

The Creatrix Transfixed

General/Column 2 Responses

You hold your left arm over your eyes
as if the ultrasound can steal your soul

as it broadcasts your features
for the first time on the big screen:

floppy bunny ears (legs)
stamens (arms)

orbs of light (head and belly)
clouds fused together (brain)

a pulsar in the depths of me (heart)
pulsing at 157 beats per minute (normal),

the extraterrestrial surge (life force)
of you wisping tears out of my eyes.

As you sparkle in and out of view
like snowflakes on a starless night

your unknown voice echoes
in the steady clicks of the camera

as it measures your parameters,
the most puzzling pieces uncharted

and me the creatrix transfixed,
not unlike the sleepless paparazzi.


Kathryn Dillard grew up in rural Missouri and moved out west to complete her MA in English with a creative writing emphasis in 2010. Since then, She has held various teaching positions, but have found her niche at a close-knit, Waldorf school located next to the Sacramento River in Northern California. She is currently the Summer Camp Director and enjoy screating various hands-on projects for the kids. During the school year, she provides on-site after school care for the students.

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  1. Seamus Ann

    October 18, 2016 at 3:54 pm

    I love this poem. I found the perspective unique and lovely, just lovely.


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