Archives for July 2020

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

General/Column July 31, 2020

Things change daily in this space. You acclimate to limbo. The constant state of not knowing. The latest proposal, they’re…

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Am I Still a Mother If?

General/Column July 24, 2020

Am I still a mother if my children are dead? Merriam-Webster thinks not. They define a mother as a female…

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A Long December, the Cheshire Cat, and Reflections on the Aftermath

General/Column July 17, 2020

Every morning at 5:30, Alice fell down the hole. She searched for ways to escape her convoluted situation, assisted only…

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Review of Madonna, Complex by Jen Stewart Fueston (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2020)

General/Column July 15, 2020

Reviewed by Amy Nemecek Motherhood can be more complex than we expect. In the empty ache of longing to be…

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