Archives for November 2019

The Attic

General/Column November 29, 2019

My daughter’s childhood lives in my attic, among totes, garbage bags, and boxes, in a trunk, on hangers and hooks….

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A Rheumatologist and a Rose

General/Column November 22, 2019

            The weighty rose bush I carry impedes my vision, but I can see enough to walk from the Boston Children’s…

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Swaddling Sea

General/Column November 19, 2019

I swam in the Gulf of Thailand with you. I held you, small as a kumquat, in my own dark,…

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Terms of Debridement: Living in Grief

In Mother Words Blog November 15, 2019

“To weep is to make less the depth of grief.”(Henry VI, Part III, Act II, Scene I, Line 85) I have…

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