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General/Column August 19, 2019

—for Clara
 your first home was inside of meduring Snowpocalypse twenty-twelve.our apartment in Olympialost power twice during that seasonand snow…

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Announcing MAW Poetry Boot Camp

General/Column August 17, 2019

What is Poetry Boot Camp? An online Boot Camp for those interested in refining their poetry through extensive one-on-one coaching by…

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A Quiet Pocket of Space

In Mother Words Blog August 16, 2019

My daughter was three months old when we bought the chair from Babies R Us. My in-laws had given us…

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Planting Milkweed

General/Column August 2, 2019

Pure white angel hair tuftsfountain from brown seed heads I reach into the paper bag of soft silkpull out handfuls…

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