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July Literary Writers Boot Camp

General/Column May 29, 2018

What is a Literary Writers Boot Camp? An online Boot Camp for those interested in perfecting the literary essay through extensive one-on-one…

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I’m Here, Looking for a Hand to Hold That Isn’t a Scythe

In Mother Words Blog May 25, 2018

One night in October, my daughter was up past 3:30 am crying, afraid that I might die soon. Within a…

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Review of The Teacher Diaries

General/Column May 23, 2018

In The Teacher Diaries: Romeo & Juliet Feyen has created a rare opportunity: a book about teaching, learning, and literature…

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Not Pregnant, Fat

In Mother Words Blog May 18, 2018

I’m not pregnant. I’m fat. I remember so clearly the way my mom talked about pregnancy. My sister who died….

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