Archives for May 2017

To My Grandmother Who Is Always Near

General/Column May 31, 2017

In the kitchen, I stir the beans into the onions and garlic, sputtering and complaining, chatting at the bottom of…

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White Violets

General/Column May 30, 2017

The violets in our yard bloomed white the year after my mom died. I turned nineteen a few months before…

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The Accidental Mother

General/Column May 29, 2017

Our Italian American family often served a large homemade, mid-day meal to accommodate my grandfather’s shift work as an electrician…

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Searching for a Heritage

General/Column May 26, 2017

I used to read about girls playing dress-up in old attics. I’d picture trunks filled with hoop skirts and patchwork…

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