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13 May

Little Death

General/Column One Response

Little crescent moon –

Half formed, blanketed in black.
The phantom’s mask –

Your shrouded body
curls and unfurls like an old tapestry,

Contradicting your newness.
The shadow of you

Lurks in your dark stage,
a theatre so everyday

Yet so magical.
Enthralling, universal.

Trapped in a starless sky,
unaware of your impending freedom;

The murder scene you’ll leave behind
in your operatic debut.

The inkjet of blood that will not stop.


Kirsty A Niven lives in Dundee, Scotland with her husband and cat. She graduated from the University of Dundee with a first class degree in English. She has appeared as a featured poet on the Creekwalker website and has also had her poem ‘Preview’ published by Mothers Always Write. She has recently had poetry accepted by the magazines Artificial Womb, The Dawntreader and Sarasvati.

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